Täç hil private company has presented the line of antibacterial liquids and sanitizers based on wild rue seeds.

Taking into account the need of hygienic and sanitizing chemicals these days, we asked about the composition of this production from Täç hil. Täç hil Marketing Manager Saher Ashyrov said in the conversation that composition of these chemicals includes alcohol and glycerine.

Taking into account consumer demand, production of antibacterial liquid soap with various scents, which is also produced in small bottles (50 ml) allowing taking it in the pocket, has been developed development of antibacterial sanitizers from wild rue seeds, which contains big amount of alkaloids, is a pride of specialists of the company.

Entire production line, which is 45 items, is certified according to international requirements and has high consumer demand. Wet hygienic, child and cosmetic towels as well as shampoos and shower gels, disinfectants of Täç hil are very popular among the population.

In addition to production line of allergy free hygienic and antibacterial chemicals, the plant of the company in Ak Bugday district, Ahal Velayat, which is provided with automated German production lines, produce household chemicals and wide variety of packing materials. Raw materials used at the facility does not contain any harmful components for people.

Production of Täç hil is exported to Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The company plans to expand the geography and variety of export.

/ The State News Agency of Turkmenistan /